Hydrogen is the ultimate fuel because when burned it produces only heat and no carbon dioxide. The Windhunter system is a better and cleaner way to get hydrogen than the current method from natural gas.

Most earth scientists are convinced that global warming is a fact and that our human activity of burning fossil fuels is the main cause. We burn coal, oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbon resources which release huge amounts of heat trapping gases into the world's atmosphere. The resulting temperature rise increases hurricane storm intensity while at the same time reduces food production. The amount of fossil fuels is finite and humans and other animals may not survive if the earth's temperature continues to rise. So everything must be done to convert to some other energy system as soon as possible. Many studies discuss the advantages of clean burning hydrogen, but are stymied by the difficulty of producing large quantities.

Hydrogen can be produced by wind turbines and electrolysers on the proposed WINDHUNTER vessels. These large ships or platforms will operate out of sight of land either moored or anchored while facing into the wind and the oncoming waves. Millions of them can operate on the world's oceans with minimal environmental impact and human resistance.

Converting to a hydrogen energy system world wide will save earth's resources, reduce heat trapping gases and bring peace since wars over land based resources will become unnecessary. The wind energy will be available for harvesting as long as the sun shines on our beautiful rotating earth.

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